Silver Spirit Locks

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Jill’s Spirit Lock Necklace

My son names my jewelry and he wanted to call this one Mama’s necklace but that seemed a little too kooky so I went with Jill’s necklace. It is the one I have been wearing for years and is my personal favorite out of all my designs. It is also nice that the spirit lock keeps me from getting sick! The beads in this necklace include chrysoprase, carnelian, wooly mammoth, rubies, four thousand year old turquoise, gaspeite, sugilite, coral and Hill Tribe silver beads.


Ocho Flojo The Lazy 8

I have an obsession with both the number 8 and spirit locks so this necklace has it all. It is called the lazy 8 necklace because the 8 is lying on its side. The spirit lock is a Hmong amulet to keep you healthy. I have had one on for 23 years! This is strung with rubies, gaspeite, sugilite, ancient turquoise, wooly mammoth, pink tourmaline, chrysoprase and emeralds.