Silver Earrings



Silver Earrings




Jill’s Earrings Style 2

I took the earrings I have been wearing everyday for the last 5 years and gave them some new color. These have carnelian, peruvian blue opal, sleeping beauty turquoise, pink sapphire, labradorite and hill tribe silver. As seen in the Sundance catalog.




Jill’s Earrings in Turquoise

The most comfortable earrings I have ever made. Hill tribe silver with sleeping beauty turquoise.




Silver Elephant Earrings

When the trunk is up on an elephant charm it is supposed to bring you good luck! With one in each ear you should be double lucky! Hill tribe silver elephant and beads with sterling silver lever back.




Chrysoprase Oval Earrings with 3 Sugilite Dangles in Silver

Chrysoprase oval earrings with 3 sugilite dangles with sterling silver findings.




Jill’s Earrings with Turquoise and a Silver Dart

Jill’s earrings include carnelian, chrysoprase, labradorite, ruby, purple and sleeping beauty turquoise. I then added 4 turquoise beads and a silver dart at the bottom. The earring wires are pure hill tribe silver so great for sensitive ears.




Mien Dagger Silver Earrings

Mien Dagger silver earrings which also double as very handy tooth pickers! I love these earrings. When I designed them I pictured 20-30 year old hip chicks wearing them. They are actually my best seller for the 60 – 70 year old woman with short hair. You go girls. The look is hot!




Oval Sleeping Beauty Earrings with 3 Green Turquoise Dangles

Oval shaped sleeping beauty turquoise with 3 green turquoise dangles with sterling silver lever back




Chrysoprase Multi Stone Carnelian Silver Dart Earrings

From top to bottom these super fun colored earrings include sterling silver lever back, gaspeite, chrysoprase, labradorite, ruby, carnelian, turquoise and hill tribe silver which is 99% silver for the dart.




Jill’s Earrings with Pyrite with Stacked Oxidized Beads

Jill’s earrings made with Hill tribe silver and pyrite with stacked oxidized beads. Sterling silver lever back.




Chalcedony Cube with Purple Turquoise

Blue chalcedony cube with 3 purple turquoise dangles. Findings are sterling silver.




Purple Amethyst Cube Silver Earrings with Chrysoprase Dangles

Purple turquoise cube with 3 chyrsoprase dangles in sterling silver.




3 Log Silver Dart Earrings

Hill tribe silver earrings with 3 logs and a dart.




Jill’s Earrings with Silver Craggle

These earrings are called Jill’s earrings because I have worn this style since I started the business eleventy million years ago. Love them. This version is Hill tribe or pure silver with silver craggles on the top.




Round Silver Disc with Logs

99% pure silver from Thailand with a round disc and 2 logs. Lever backs are sterling silver.




Labradorite Silver Earrings with 3 Ruby Dangles

As seen in the Sundance Catalog. Labradorite oval surrounded in Sterling silver with ruby dangles. Lever backs are sterling silver




Jill’s Earrings in Silver with 3 Rubies

These earrings are called “Jill’s earrings” because I have worn this same style for the past 15 years! I love them. I have added 3 rubies for added yumminess.




Ruby Round Earrings Silver

Ruby round earrings with 3 purple turquoise from the Mohave desert with sterling silver lever backs.




Czech Crystal squares with Purple Jade

Czech crystal squares of a great green color with purple jade drops. Sterling silver lever back.




Mien Dagger Silver Earrings with Ruby

The Mien tribe of Northern Thailand make these daggers which are used as tooth pickers! 3 ruby beads adorn the top with sterling silver lever bac




Labradorite Multistone Silver Dart Earrings

Long labradorite silver earrings with multistone on the circle with a silver dart and sterling lever backs.




Lapis Multistone Silver Dart Earrings

Lapis earrings with multistone drops around the circle with a hill tribe silver dart and sterling silver lever backs.




Sundance Earrings with Jade, Carnelian, Turquoise and Labradorite

As seen in the Sundance Catalog silver earrings with Jade, Carnelian, Turquoise and Labradorite.




Salami Turquoise Silver Earrings

IMG_0195 My son names most of my jewelry and he thought the thinly sliced turquoise looked like sliced salami! I love the color of this turquoise. The drops are purple turquoise from the Mohave desert. The lever back is sterling silver.




Turquoise Beads Earrings with Silver Fan




Silver Pie Earrings with a Side of Silver




Silver Ice Cube Earrings




Hill Tribe Silver Buddha Earrings