Bead & Jewelry Types


7 Mothers / 7 Sisters AmuletThis amulet is usually called “The 7 Mothers” or sometimes “The 7 Sisters”. There are 8 figures in all, the figure on the extreme right side is said to be either God Shiva or the celestial brother of the sisters. These are the mothers of the human race, each representing a different aspect of the Feminine Divine.

Small versions of this amulet are often worn by children to ward off nightmares.

BUDDHA [boo-duh]

Buddha Amulet PendantIn Buddhism, a Buddha is any being who has become fully awakened or enlightened and has experienced Nirvana. This amulet is worn to ward off calamity. Thought to be Buddha’s or Shiva’s feet.

DURGA [door-gah]

Durga the warrior goddess amuletDurga was created as a warrior goddess to fight a demon. She is the goddess of nature. She is the embodiment of femininity and creative energy. She is adored by married women for a happy life. She is also known to ward off jealousy, possessiveness and anger.


GaneshThe remover of obstacles and bestower of good fortune. He is the son of the Hindu Gods Shiva and Parvati.

One day while Parvati was in the bath house she had her son Ganesh guard the door. Shiva had come to the Bath house after being away for a long time and did not recognize his now fully grown son. He mistook his own son for a man after his wife and chopped his son’s head off. Parvati came out and screamed “what have you done? That was your son!” Shiva distraught ran off to find his son a new head. The first living thing he saw was an elephant so he took the elephants head and gave it to his son.


Gaspeite BeadsGaspeite is relatively rare and only found in 2 localities in western Australia and Canada. As a fairly recent discovery in 1966, this mineral has no known folk lore although it is mentioned that the aborigines used Gaspeite to bring about good fortune. As a healing stone, it is thought to reduce stress and help with heart, gall bladder and lung problems.

HANUMAN [huhn-oo-mahn]

HanumanThe Hindu monkey god is the embodiment of strength and valor. He is most know for his loyalty and selfless service and devotion to others. Hanuman is worshipped by villagers as a boundary guardian and by Shaiva ascetics as a Yogi. Hanuman temples are believed to keep the area and surroundings free of rakshasas and “evils.”


Om Indian ReligionsAum (also Om, written in Devanagari as ॐ, in Chinese and Japanese as 唵, in Tibetan as ༀ, in Sanskrit known as pran.ava प्रणव lit. “to sound out loudly” or oṃkāra ओंकार lit. “om. syllable”) is a mystical or sacred syllable in the Indian religions, including Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism, and in Bön.


Spirit LockThe spirit lock is a talisman or amulet for healing from northern Thailand.

The tribe that makes them is called the Hmong. They believe that your soul is made up of many spirits and if one of your spirits wanders away that is how you get sick. The spirit lock locks all your spirits into your soul to keep you healthy.


Sugilite (Img Public Domain)Sugilite is a most powerful psychic gemstone. It facilitates intuition, psychic awareness, ESP and insight. Sugilite attracts healing power. Sometimes called “a love stone for this age” and represents perfection of spiritual love. It can bring love to you.

This stone can also help you with understanding who you are and why you are here. It eliminates hostility and infuses the being with inspiration and confidence. Sugilite can aid in healing headaches and discomforts by simply holding it.

TURQUOISE [tur-koiz]

TurquoiseTurquoise is sacred to both Native American and oriental traditions. It is helpful in expanding awareness while still maintaining practicality. Turquoise moves the wearer toward integration and wholeness. It promotes spontaneity in romance and stimulates the initiation of love. Turquoise promotes strength, wisdom, protection and positive thinking.

Ancient Lore suggests that is also protects against environmental pollutants and speed the healing process.

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