Jill Scholsohn’s anthropology background is evident in the pieces of jewelry she creates. She uses a mixture of amulets, talismans along with rare, exotic beads and mediums from sourced from several cultures spanning the globe. In her work you’ll find Indian Rubies, Ancient Coral, Turquoise dating back 2,000 to 4,000 years,  Gaspeite, Sugilite, Glass Seed Beads, Carnelian, Fossilized Mammoth and Walrus Tusk and more.

While in Thailand she bought her first spirit lock and still wears it today.

In 1997 Jill Scholsohn had begun a new career as a NYC paramedic. To reduce her stress level, she chose to take a kayak lesson in Cornwall, CT. That was how Riverstone was founded. She married Dan Greenbaum, her kayak instructor, 3 years later. They both had a love of travel so they spent months traveling the world learning of other cultures and collecting artifacts for a store in Kent, Ct.

They opened the store in order to sell their crafts but they soon found they were too busy running the store and had no time to create so in 2004 the store was closed in order to pursue their crafts.