Peacocky Stretch Bracelet


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My brain is sometimes odd. When I named this one it was definitely doing its weird work. I have a bracelet very similar to this one which is named Peacock. I followed a very similar patter to the Peacock bracelet so when I first made this one I called it New Peacock. That seemes silly so I am going with Peacocky. I am not that confident in so many aspects of my life but when I put my stack of bracelets on and I look at all the color it gives me a kind of super power. It gives me confidence. Not just because I am proud of the designs but the actual stones and colors give me strength like spinach is to Popeye. So even though Peacocky sounds bad becasue of the cocky at the end. We, who wear the bracelets are bad ass. And yes, we should be Peacocky showing off our colors! The beads include crazy lace agate, turquiose, carnelian, spiny oyster shell, labradorite, chalcedony, crystal and green turquiose wrapped in copper. It measures about 7 inches. Custom lenths available upon request.


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