Thulite 5 Golden Raindrops Necklace


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Thulite is new for me this year. I had never heard of it before. It comes from Norway. I also added labradorite, turquoise, pyrite, ruby, coral and chyrsacolla. The 5 raindrops are Thai silver plated in 22k gold.  It measures 16 inches with 2 inch heart extender chain.


Working to spread tenderness from the inside out, Thulite gently reminds us that the first person we must love and care for is ourselves. This warming stone is believed to be extremely comforting and healing to those who have suffered from abuse, neglect and sexual assault by affirming that they were not at fault for their suffering, and alleviating pain, grief, anger and sadness. The strong sense of comfort it brings us can help to dispel of low self-esteem and self-hatred, and help us to acknowledge that we are special and worthy of love and respect. With the help of Thulite’s soothing nature, we are able to put to rest the pains of our past and move forward with compassion for ourselves and others.

Thulite encourages us to put love into action with joyful and charismatic energy. When you embrace life with the determination to spread kindness and unwavering love, those positive intentions will spread to those who witness your empathetic deeds. Thulite teaches us a simple but powerful message: Love is infectious.



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