The Silver Empty Nester Stretch Bracelet



My son River has left the nest. He is doing a gap year with NOLS outdoor education center. He is going back country in Wyoming and Utah for this semester and the truly hard part is that they don’t have cell phones so I can’t check in on him. It has been very hard! I miss him terribly. When I go through difficult times, I like to design to help distract myself. This bracelet took me a VERY long time to make because I was so teary!  I am calling it the empty nest bracelet even though I still have a daughter at home and even an exchange student. My home isn’t empty yet. It just feels like there is an emptiness without my amazing kid. The bracelet includes blue, green and purple turquoise, spiny oyster shell, gaspeite, apple coral and Thai silver. It is strung on jewelers elastic and measures about 7 inches.


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