The Amethyst Angela Silver Bracelet


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In the past few years when someone I know has lost a loved one, I send a bracelet in lieu of flowers to symbolize the love of the person they had lost. I hoped it would comfort them and remind them that their person is always with them.  I lost a friend  to brain cancer. She was in her 50’s, so very young. Her name was Angela and she was super cool. She had a fantastic style and amazing taste in clothes, food, wine and of course jewelry. The items I liked the most are not every ones taste but they were Ang’s. My favorite pieces she often bought. Her collection of Riverstone Jewelry was one of the largest of my customers. Her funeral was last week and I wanted to make something special to give to all the woman I knew that were close to her. So I made a bracelet that I wanted for myself knowing that she would have wanted it too. I will wear it proudly and think of Ang. I will be reminded that life is indeed short and we should not waste any time! Do the things that make you happy. Be with friends as much as you can. Travel if you love that. Drink a glass of cold Rose and smile when you see mermaids. The bracelet comes in 2 styles, purple spiny oyster (found elsewhere on my site) and this one which i made of amethyst , brass, apple coral, ruby , pink rose quartz and blue and green turquoise. Strung on a super strong jewelers elastic.


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