Meteorite Sugilite Gaspeite and Coral Silver Earrings



Over the years when I go to Tucson I often see the craziest things from whole dinosaurs to meteorites. Last year I just had to have some dinosaur poop and meteorite beads. (Don’t worry I am keeping the poop.) As for the cool meteorite beads, they are called Chondrites. I added gaspeite, apple coral, sugilite and Thai silver. The lever backs are sterling silver and overall length is approximately 2 inches long.
Additional Information on Northwest African Chondrites: The chondrites are among the oldest and most studied of meteorites. Many chondrites are billions of years old and come from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.  Northwest Africa is a vast dry desert perfect for preserving long ago fallen meteorites, saving them over the years for nomads to collect and bring to market. Chondrites get their name from the small spherical glassy mineral bits known as “chondrules” that they contain.  They also tend to have relatively large amounts of extraterrestrial iron-nickel alloy in them, making chondrites (and your beads) respond to magnets.  (written by Dustin Dickens meteorite specialist)


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