Candyland 21.5 Inch Necklace


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I am constantly using what my kids named fairy pillow beads. They are the purple, green and blue turquoise beads wrapped in copper. I feel like every new design has some in it. I designed this necklace because I am ready to go out again! I want to go to a restaurant or a gathering and show off my jewels. I have worn my jewelry every single day of the pandemic. I need it for me. This necklace I want to wear out to show that we as a society are good. Candyland will make me happy. I have included ruby, carnelian, chalcedony, sapphire and turquoise. I made in 2 sizes as I am not sure yet what length I want. This one is 21.5  inches with 2 inch extender. (the other is 17 inches with 2 inch extender)


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