Bring On The New Year Necklace


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This year kind of sucked. I am looking forward to 2021 with the hope of a vaccine and the return of going out wearing all my jewelry and having fun. This New Year’s Eve, I plan on putting my favorite jewelry on and having a nice meal at home with my family. I will watch Andy Cohen (my college roommate) ring in the new year. This necklace is a celebration of the hope for 2021. Its colors are happy and promising that things will be better. It should be worn proudly to say fuck you to 2020. I will wear my fancy jewelry and go outside, (with a mask on) to say I look good in the necklace! I will be happy in the necklace! I don’t care if there is anyone to see it on me, I love it and I have hope and love and it is all going to be ok! The beads include sapphires, apple coral, green turquoise, rose quartz, carnelian, chyrsoprase, ruby, crazy lace agate, Peruvian opal, labradorite, green, purple and blue turquoise, amethyst and 22k gold plated over Thai silver beads. It measures 21 and a half inches long with a 2 inch extender.


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