RS web necklaces 2018-52

wholesale $214 retail $470

I lived in Arizona for a while and the Navaho use Spiny Oyster Shell beads a lot. I love the color of the beads and I was happy to find some new beads this year. The 48 inch necklace with 2 inch extender chain include hill tribe pure silver, chrysoprase, labradorite, jade, apple coral, crystal, turquoise, amethyst, carnelian, and ruby.
The Spiny Oyster gemstone is actually the colorful shell that comes from the oyster species “Spondylus varius” also known as the Spiny Oyster or Thorny Oyster. “Spondylus” is Latin for “spines on its back. As the name implies, Spiny Oysters are covered with menacing spines. Spiny Oyster shell beads are unique, beautiful, and also difficult-to-harvest.
Spiny oyster’s can be found around the world typically along the coasts of North Carolina all the way down to the waters near Brazil, also in the Sea of Cortez, and off the coast of Baja Mexico and Baja California. The shells of the Spiny Oyster are rare finds and are especially treasured by Native American Indian artists for their beautiful red, pink, brown, yellow, orange, purple, and white colors. It is very rare to have purely Yellow Spiny Oyster beads.

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