RS web necklaces 2018-31

wholesale $114 retail $250

OMG this is so me, ready for this description: This necklace is longer than usual for me but I just got home from a 3 day show where I bought a new hammock chair that I am typing in. I should get off my butt and go measure the necklace but I am so fried I just can’t! I could put it off until tomorrow but I will certainly forget! Or not be able to find the ruler. The beads include turquoise from Afghanistan, ruby, gaspeite, coral, sugilite, sapphire, spiny oyster shell and Thai hill tribe silver with a sterling silver clasp. As for the pendant, I took really good notes when I bought it earlier this year but I have misplaced the book! I do know it is African and worn for protection. More info and length to follow when I find the book!

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