The Brown Joy Necklace




I made this style of necklace many years ago. I have always loved it but I stopped making it because the price of silver had gone up and it is a lot of silver. In my little town of Kent we have a great sculptor named Joy Brown. She wears this style necklace all the time which she bought at least 15 years ago. Every time I see her, I think, I should make it again. So here it is. It used to be called the icicle necklace but I wanted to honor the artist Joy Brown so it is called the Brown Joy. Even though the beads are only slightly brown! I have included chrysocolla, Gaspeite, spiny oyster shell, carnelian, turquoise, ruby, apple coral, chrysoprase, labradorite and Thai 99.1% silver. It measures about 16 inches with 2 inch extender chain.


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