Tanzanite Tuesday 16 inch Silver 4mm


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Tanzanite might be my new favorite stone. There is something about the magical blue color. I love it. Tanzanite is 585 million years old. How cool is that? I have strung these 4mm tanzanite beads with ruby, carnelian, amethyst, turquoise, apple coral, roman glass, labradorite and hill tribe silver. It is 16 inches long with 2 inches of extender chain. Can come in gold upon request.



Taken from jewelsforme.com:

Mentally, there are many ways in which tanzanite can be helpful to one’s life. It has the power to transform negative energies into positive ones. It assists in manifesting your own self rather than being influenced by others or trying to conform to the norm. Tanzanite dispels lethargy and brings repressed feelings to the surface so that they can be expressed. Tanzanite is a creative stone, bringing us back to our objectives after interruption. It also has the power to dissolve old patterns and creates space for new patterns to be integrated. Physically, tanzanite is a wonderful tool to encourage recovery from severe illness or stress. It strengthens the immune system, regenerates cells, and treats the heart, spleen, pancreas, lungs, head, throat, and chest. The stone is also a great detoxifier. It also has the ability to neutralize over acidification and reduce inflammation. Tanzanite also stimulates fertility and heals diseases of the ovaries and testicles. It has been said that it is extremely beneficial to wear or place the tanzanite on the body in direct contact with the skin, where appropriate. It is recommended to wear the tanzanite for long periods of time, as it is a slow acting stone.


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