Spiny Oyster Shell with Wooly Mammoth Silver Stretch Bracelet


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I was very inspired by the Navaho of Arizona. It was when I lived there that I learned of Spiny Oyster shell. The orange and purple colors are all made from the shell. I have added turquoise, ruby, fossilized wooly mammoth tusk from Alaska and a round turquoise bead encased in copper.

The spiny oyster, otherwise known as spondylus, is a large family of mollusks. They are sometimes also known as thorny oysters or spondylids. A bivalve mollusk, the animal is encased in a hinged shell composed of two parts. Large quills grow from their shells, providing this creature its famous moniker. Despite its name, these creatures are not true oysters and are more closely related to scallops. Of all the many varieties that are found in the seas of the world, two significant variations are found off the Pacific coast. Both are harvested for their shells for use in jewelry and lapidary purposes. (shoplc.com)


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