Fluorite for the Fourth of July


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I have not used Fluorite before but I am craving the light blue colors of water in summer,  so here is the fluorite necklace I have created using fossil coral, purple turquoise, Roman glass, ruby, larimar, spiny oyster shell, turquoise, charoite, gaspeite, ancient coral, carnelian, apatite, amethsyt and phosphosiderite. It measures 16.25 inches with 2 inches of extender chain with a sterling silver clasp.

The word “Fluorite” comes from the Latin fluo, fluor & fluere, which means a stream, flowing water, or to flow, because it’s commonly found in a sea-green or ocean blue color. Though named for flowing water, Fluorite can appear in a complete rainbow of colors, often containing two or more bands of color. Fluorite is an excellent stone for creativity. Especially useful for artists, Fluorite can inspire creativity and help artistic endeavors like creative writing, poetry and song. Inspiration is a powerful quality of this stone, so it’s often used to treat writer’s block. It’s also helpful for artists and creative types because it acts to build confidence as well. If your career requires you to face constant criticism, rejection and even ridicule, Fluorite is a powerful guardian who can protect against harsh critiques of your talents. Fluorite can add protection against more than just criticism. As a protective stone, Fluorite can be worn by travelers for safety, especially those who are traversing dangerous paths. People deploying to war zones or disaster areas are better served by wearing Fluorite on their mission.  (houseof intuitionla.com)


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