Clean Up the Desk #1


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The whole house has to be cleaned before I can go to my very messy desk to make a new design. I am inspired by the beads covering my antique Indian door table in my studio. The more beads in the pile, the more chaos of color the better the bracelet. I make the clean up the desk bracelets from  time to time due to the pile has just become out of control. It is not a random placing of beads. I am very picky in an OCD kind of way. The beads include turquoise, ruby,  labradorite, carnelian, lapis, amethyst, agate and spiny oyster shell. The silver and blue bead is from a strand that I bought in Nepal in the 1990’s. I have been hoarding it for many years. I am not sure the origin. I wish I knew more about it as I  have never seen anything like it since. Thank you for looking! Stay safe.


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