24 Inch Spiny Oyster Shell Circus Train with Turquoise Dart Pendant


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This necklace is a perfect length! I have been wearing 2 short necklaces and I really wanted a third but it gets a little crowded around my neck sometimes. So I made this length so that it would go perfectly with my other 2. I also added a pendant to this necklace which is made of an earring which I love except I don’t like to wear long earrings, so I made the earring into a pendant. I am watching Outlander and drinking whiskey so I sound like I am babbling! Anyway, this necklace is made of spiny oyster shell, turquoise, ruby, amethyst, smoky topaz, apple coral, sapphire and Hill Tribe silver from Thailand. The earring, I mean pendant is removable in case there is day you want to wear it without it. The necklace can also be sold without the pendant. 24 inches with 2 inches of extender chain.


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